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1. Inspection: Locate the point or points of entry along the chimney stack. This is typically broken or loose mortar joints, Flue tops, or soffit chimney junctions. We don't find bats flying down the tops of chimney stacks all that often. Bats typically land on the brick or wood of the chimney and crawl there way in. 

2. Sealing: After locating all of the possible points of entry on the chimney it is time to seal them up. DO NOT seal the main entry point the bats are using. Leave this open so the bats still have a way out. Sometimes broken chimney stacks can not be permanently sealed unless you are a trained masonry. We can repair chimneys temporary or sometimes permanently with mortar caulking depending on the severity of the damages. Nevertheless chimney stacks can be sealed with caulking, mortar, or foam to keep the bats from returning. Sealing the chimney stack also consist of installing chimney caps to properly fit the flue. It's a good idea to install 1/2" or 1/4" hardware cloth underneath the cap so the bats can not fit. 

3. Exclusion: It's now time to install the one way doors to exclude the bats roosting inside the chimney. Many styles of one way doors are used to get rid of bats from a chimney or any structure for that matter. An exclusion tube installed at the top of the chimney like the one in the picture above is one way to funnel the bats out. 1/6" bat netting draped over the top of the flue is another way to exclude them. Bats will fly underneath the netting and when they leave the netting will lie flat not allowing them to return. No matter the method used you can install the one way door devices the same day you seal up the chimney. You may also want to wait and watch the areas where the bats are flying in and out to make sure you have the correct entry points. Leave the one way doors installed for at least a week to 10 days to make sure no bats are left behind. 

4. Clean Up: You may want to chimney sweep and decontaminate your chimney after removing the bats. Bat guano (their droppings) can be a health hazard to you if inhaled. If your wildlife professional does not have the capability of sweeping your chimney then contact your local chimney sweeping specialist. We carry electric atomist sprayers on the truck along with chimney sweeping rods. 

Help: If you need a professional bat control company in Michigan we can give you advice on how to hire a bat removal pro. We can give you a free online price quote to help you budget your bat exclusion job. 

Bats in the chimney

how to remove a colony michigan brown bats?

Fire up the fire place? Smoke them out? These are not the best ideas for removing bats from a fireplace. We once went to a house were there were more than 20 bats in the house. A customer tried these various tactics to remove the bats. Openings in the interior of the chimney allowed for the bats to fly in instead of fly out of the home. When we came to the rescue there were still a handful of bats in the fireplace. We found their entry point on the exterior of the home and installed a one way door device to allow the bats to exit without being harmed. We also proofed the entire home to make sure the homeowner was bat free. See below on the process of the bat exclusion